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About Endra


Endra Life Sciences has launched the Nexus 128, a preclinical photoacoustic computed tomography (CT) scanner for small animal imaging. The system is used for simple, fast, non-invasive quantification of physiological parameters such as tumor vasculature without ionizing radiation. The fully-3D imaging technology used by the Nexus 128 provides increased sensitivity compared to slice-based scanners and dynamic (4-D) photoacoustic CT scans allow for applications such as quantification of probe uptake. The Nexus 128 is currently being used by top imaging laboratories around the globe.


Photoacoustic imaging combines the strengths of optical imaging - based on the same principles that give cells, organs, and tissues their unique colors - with ultrasound. Photoacoustic imaging provides high spatial resolution at depth far exceeding that of conventional optical imaging techniques such as fluorescence and bioluminescence.